Cochlear Implants Market 2025: New Research Study by Crystal Market research

cochlear implant is a device which delivers electrical stimulation to the auditory nerve present in the inner ear. Children and adults affected by profound hearing loss who cannot use hearing aids can be helped with cochlear implants. Hearing loss can arise from hereditary as well as non-hereditary factors or due to certain complications during childbirth or pregnancy. Acquired causes of hearing loss may include infectious diseases such as meningitis, measles or other chronic ear infections. The major impact of hearing loss is on an individual’s ability to communicate with others which in turn, may have social and emotional impact such as feeling of isolation, frustration and loneliness. As per the data revealed by WHO, in February 2017, around 360 million people worldwide are suffering from hearing loss, of which 32 million are children. Nearly one third of people over 65 years of age are suffering from disabling hearing loss.

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Market Scenario:

In 2016, unilateral implants segment held a major share of the overall cochlear implants market, as the surgery for unilateral implants in done at a lower cost as opposed to bilateral implants. Bilateral implants market will exhibit fastest growth rate over the forecast period, due to the exceptional results of these implants for children. Children who have undergone bilateral implantation benefit from the implants to localize sources of sound and recognize speech in noisy environment at home or school. On an average, children with bilateral implants perform better than unilateral implants on tests of movement tracking and localization.

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