Applications of Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

Medical ultrasound is a widely used technique for scanning of internal body structures like joints, tendons, muscles, and vessels. Ultrasonography and diagnostic sonography are other such terminologies for medical ultrasound.Obstetric ultrasound is the way of assessing pregnant women employing ultrasound waves and is the most rampant. Ultrasound methodology poses various advantages in comparisons with other eminent medical imaging procedures. However, there are certain drawbacks as well. The drawbacks include difficulty in imaging structures behind bone and air, the cooperation of patient and his/her physique, and the dependence on skilled operators.

Significance of sonography:

Sonography implicates both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This implies that they are widely used in medicine. Accuracy in imaging potentially patronizes their pervasiveness in the medicinal field. Typical sonographic equipment encompasses operation in the frequency range of 1 to 18 megahertz. However, some regions like anterior chamber of the eye require frequencies ranging from 50-100 megahertz and biomicroscopy is the terminology for this technique. Superficial structures like testes, thyroid and parathyroid glands and the neonatal brain require the usage of higher frequencies whilstimaging at lower frequencies is required for deeper structures like kidney and liver.

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Wireless ultrasound scanners:

The advancements in technology have eventually led to the improvisation of ultrasound scanners employed for sonography. Wireless ultrasound scanners are the most recent of the advancements and are extremely helpful in furnishing high quality images. Furthermore, they reduce time to an inordinate extent and are very helpful for physicians when they have limited access to the traditional machines.

Advantages of using wireless ultrasound scanners:

The risk of spreading infection is reduced largely, which is one amongst the major advantages for using this device. Besides, they could be easily recharged as they contain rechargeable batteries and when connected to smart devices, the scanned images could be easily transferred. The transferred images could be reviewed later and could be shared on the cloud platform. Wireless ultrasound scanners are pocket sized devices that could wirelessly connect to smart devices. They are used to scan internal parts like lungs, abdomen and heart.

Constraints for the usage of wireless ultrasound scanners:

The capability to offer faster diagnostic results has been the primal reason for the advent of wireless ultrasound scanners. The advancements in computing platform are responsible for the developments of ultrasound machine. Reduction in size quotient has massively influenced the growth rate of equipment. However, the cost efficiency of these diagnostic procedures comes into play for patients of different financial backgrounds. The lack of skilled personnel to operate the equipment could also be seen as a potential threat to patients.

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